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SIM Europe Reform Barometer

The Social Inclusion Monitor (SIM) Europe Reform Barometer is a social policy monitoring instrument for the EU-28. It was established at the initiative of the Bertelsmann Stiftung in co-operation with the European Bureau for Policy Consulting and Social Research Vienna / Prof. Bernd Marin and the Economic Policy Center (WPZ) at the University of St. Gallen / Prof. Christian Keuschnigg.


Based on an annual expert online survey, the Reform Barometer collects, aggregates and analyses data on governmental initiatives in the 28 EU member states affecting six key dimensions of social inclusion: poverty prevention, equitable education, access to labour markets, social cohesion and non-discrimination, health, and intergenerational justice. A pilot study was published in October 2015. The edition of 2016 is based on a much broader database (1.150 experts took part in the survey) and has been published at the end of November 2016.


Das österreichische Pflegesystem: Ein europäischer Sonderfall (> PDF des Buches von März 2018, SIM Europe-Bertelsmann Siftung)


Faire Pensionen durch einkommensabhängige Ersatzraten (> PDF des Buches von 26. März 2018, SIM Europe-Bertelsmann Stiftung)



Experten kritisieren Mangel an Bildungsreformen in EU-Mitgliedstaaten

Video > “Experts – among them 2 Former (Prime) Ministers – on SIM Europe”

(SIM Europe Expert Workshop from Februar 2017)

> (PDF, 2017) Österreich zwischen gut und besser: SOZIALE INKLUSIONS-BILANZ IN VERGLEICHENDER SICHT von Bernd Marin und Jan Arpe


Social Reform Barometer 2016

Social Justice Index report 2016

PDF resumé of Social Justice Index 2016            

Link  to Social Justice Index 2016


Social Reform Barometer 2015

Social Justice Index 2015


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