IWM Vienna, 30. September 2019,   (2:00 min.)

The Many Faces of Sustainable Work, Wealth, Health, and Welfare.

The project will deal with a topic I have been working on long since – The Varieties and Fragility of Sustainable Work, Wealth, Health, and Welfare. It will focus on public lectures and new publications aimed at translating complex findings from theory and comparative empirical research into readily understood “pop-science” journalism for a broader audience.

It will build on two more recent books, “Welfare in an Idle Society? Reinventing Retirement, Work, Wealth, Health and Welfare” and “The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe”. Both publications are quite bulky (701 and 528 pages respectively), highly technical (with several hundreds of charts and tables), and correspondingly demanding, addressing mainly professional audiences.
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