Other book publications

The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe

(ed.), September 2015 (523 p)



Welfare in an Idle Society? Reinventing Retirement, Work, Wealth, Health, and Welfare. 2013 (701 p)



Facts and Figures on Healthy Ageing and Long-Term Care. Europe and North America

(with Katrin Gasior, Manfred Huber, Giovanni Lamura, Orsolya Lelkes, Ricardo Rodrigues, Andrea Schmidt, Eszter Zólyomi), 2012



Women’s Work and Pensions: What is Good, What is Best? Designing Gender-Sensitive Arrangements

(Ed. with Eszter Zólyomi), 2010



Facts and Figures on Long-Term Care. Europe and North America

(with Manfred Huber, Ricardo Rodrigues, Frédérique Hoffmann, Katrin Gasior), 2009



Mainstreaming Ageing. Indicators to Monitor Sustainable Policies

(Ed. with Asghar Zaidi), 2007



Transforming Disability Welfare Policies. Towards Work and Equal Opportunities

(Ed. with Christopher Prinz and Monika Queisser), 2004



Facts and Figures on Disability Welfare

(with C. Prinz), 2003



Innovative Employment Initiatives

(Ed. with Dennis Snower and Danièle Meulders), 2000



Antisemitismus ohne Antisemiten. Autoritäre Vorurteile und Feindbilder, 2000



Pensionsreformen. Nachhaltiger Sozialumbau am Beispiel Österreichs 

(with C. Prinz, 2nd edition), 1999



Managing AIDS: Organizational Responses in Six European Countries

(Ed. with P. Kenis), 1997



Die Zukunft des Alterns. Sozialpolitik für das Dritte Lebensalter

(Ed. with A. Evers and K. Leichsenring), 1994



Welfare in a Civil Society

(main author), 1993



Policy Networks. Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Considerations

(Ed. with Renate Mayntz), 1991



Generalized Political Exchange. Antagonistic Cooperation and Integrated Policy Circuits

(Ed.), 1990



Governance and Generalized Exchange. Self-Organizing Policy Networks in Action

(Ed.), 1990



Verfall und Erneuerung im Bauwesen

(Ed.), 1987



Unternehmerorganisationen im Verbändestaat 

Bd.I, 1986



Antisemitismus in Österreich. Sozialhistorische und soziologische Studien

(with J. Bunzl), 1983



Die Paritätische Kommission. Aufgeklärter Technokorporatismus in Österreich, 1982



Wachstumskrisen in Österreich?

Bd.I: Grundlagen (with M.Wagner), 1979



Wachstumskrisen in Österreich?

Bd.II: Szenarios (Ed.), 1979



Politische Organisation sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschungsarbeit, 1978


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